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Clydesdale MP David Mundell

Clydesdale MP David Mundell

Clydesdale MP David Mundell has voiced his opposition to any new proposed application by Paterson’s to have a quarry site near Overburns Farm in Lamington.

A new application has not yet been submitted by the firm but several constituents have voiced concerns at permission being given for a quarry following recent devastating flooding.Commenting Mr Mundell said: “If Paterson’s were to submit yet another application for this quarry then I would be extremely angry.

“This would completely go against the wishes of local people who have loudly voiced their opposition to this for a number of years now, with the plans also being rejected by South Lanarkshire Council, the Scottish Government and in the Court of Session.

“Constituents who have been affected by recent flooding are right to point out that the proposals by Paterson’s would make any future flooding problems even worse for residents and businesses.

“Coupled with the damage at the Lamington Viaduct the last thing people in this area need is another application hanging over them from Paterson’s while a clean-up operation is on-going.

“I hope that if any application is forthcoming that the council will once again stand firm and listen to the voices of the local people who are overwhelmingly opposed to it.”
25th January 2016 


07 May 2011..MSP pictured in the garden lobby during the MSP registration session. Pic - Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament

Aileen Campbell

 Aileen Campbell MSP has restated her support for the community who are in opposition to any fresh application by Paterson’s for a quarry at Overburns Farm. Similar proposals had previously been rejected by South Lanarkshire Council, the Reporters and the Court of Session. This followed a lengthy and costly campaign by local volunteers in the Clyde River Action Group and other local residents. Aileen also gave evidence to the Reporters against the proposal.

 Commenting Ms Campbell said:

 “The communities along this stretch of the upper Clyde have made it very clear, over many years, that they are not in favour of this proposal. By appearing to plough ahead regardless, the company are causing further distress to those who have worked very hard over the years to ensure local people’s voices are heard within the planning system. It is clear that these proposals do not enjoy local support. Paterson’s would do well to listen to the local community.  They would also do well to acknowledge the significant impact the recent floods have caused to the area and pause to reflect on what might happen should any sand quarry ever be given permission.

“CRAG and all the campaigners should be congratulated for their tenacious efforts so far and I will continue to work with them as they again, regroup and stand up for the people of Clydesdale.”

29th January 2016

Stop Serial Applications



Claudia Beamish MSP

“I was very disappointed when I heard that Paterson’s intended to lodge yet another application at the Overburns site. 

While I accept that there has to be an opportunity for applications to be resubmitted as circumstances change, this must be considered against the continued prospect of application after application for communities. 

This on-going speculation is a real grind for the community and it doesn’t allow any closure which in itself can stultify alternative possibilities for the regeneration of a site.  

I met with Alex Neil, Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Communities and Pensioners’ Rights last year to make exactly this point.  The Scottish Government are conducting a Review of Planning and I felt this was a perfect opportunity to address the issue of serial applications.  It was agreed that this aspect would be considered under the Review’s ‘Further improvements to development management’. The outcome is expected in May.  

I have also raised my concerns with the Scottish Government about a further application given the impact of recent flooding on the area. I have asked how this information will be collated to ensure it is taken into account should there be a future application from Paterson’s.”

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